West Fork to Jefferson Springs 4.5 Mile

**Open for 2021 Season**

*** Click the map above for directions  ***

Start: West Fork Boat Ramp 

End: Jefferson Springs Recreation Area

4.5 miles 

Approximately 2 hours, we give you 4 hours.

This float is mostly still water but very scenic and all around beautiful float. Plenty of areas to swim and explore. You will be floating out of the river towards the end when you see a big bridge, that's the end. 


Starting at West Fork Boat Ramp we will put you in at the ramp and will end at Jefferson Springs Recreation Area.

This float offers a variety of things to do from exploring flooded timber, swimming , having a lunch on the river, fishing, or just relax and paddle back.

This float will require you to park at our area we have designated for this float. Once you book the float an email will be sent with your receipt, electronic waiver, info, and directions to the parking area.


Kayak and Canoe route.

Prices Start at:

Single Kayak      $35.00

Tandem                $55.00

Personal Kayak Shuttle



Walter Hill Dam Float **Only running during the week by appointment only** 

Only Running April Thru August.

*** Click the map above for directions  ***

Start:  Walter Hill Dam

End: Mona Boat Ramp

5.5 miles (3- hours approx)

With adequate rain fall this float may open up and allow us to run a week or so until levels drop. In this case you may see the option to float it pass the closed timeline.

A beautiful stretch of East Fork Stones River offers deeper water & requires paddle. Beautiful rock bluffs and some areas you can kayak/ canoe under the bluffs.

With Normal Water levels this float is great for all ages and beginner floats.

This float is mostly paddle only. We have had all ages do it and enjoy the float, but please do not expect a lazy river vibe you will have to paddle.

Kayak and Canoe route.

Single Kayak      $37.00

Tandem                $55.00

Nice Mill Dam to West Fork Boat Ramp.JPG

Nice Mill Dam To West Fork Boat Ramp

*** Click the map above for directions  ***

Start:  Nice Mill Dam

End: West Fork Boat Ramp

6 miles  roughly 5 to 6 hours. 

This float is great for fishing. Starting at Nice Mill Dam and ending at West Fork Boat Ramp. Most of this float is still water and paddling will be the only way back. This float has a lot to offer and is beautiful no doubt. This Float is available un the summer and winter time. Winter Trout stocking at the Dam makes it an ideal float for fishing. Summer time you can also find Bass, Largemouth and smallmouth along with stripe and hybrid bass. 

For now this float is call in reservation only.


There are area to swim on this float , some minor swift water in the beginning.  

Single Kayak      $37.00

Tandem                $55.00



Now open 7 days per week from 8am to 6pm

We offer kayak and canoe rentals with shuttle only services.

There will be departures each hour. Pick up times are scheduled upon departure. The last Stones river canoeing and kayaking group goes out at 3PM.

The last pick-up is scheduled at 6PM.

Later pick-up times & special canoe trips are available upon request. .