Thompson Lane Float


Start: Thompson Lane 

End: Nices Mill Dam 

7.4 miles (approx 4-5 hours) 

Our most popular route is a beautiful and fun float with Class I and II rapids depending on water flow.  


Class II rapids closer to the dam. You can exit prior or if comfortable go for added adventure.

Kayak and Canoe route.

Prices Start at:


Jefferson Springs Float Leisurely Paddling

Start/End: Jefferson Springs Boat Ramp & Recreation

4 to 8 hour float 

Area Still water floating around Jefferson Springs Rec Area ~ under the bridge, near the shore, grilling and bathrooms. Free to explore and test your skills. 

This is the only float that does not require you to ride with us the put in and takeout point is in the same area. Kayaks will be locked up by the water at Jefferson Springs. Once booked you will receive an email with the code to unlock your kayaks. When done you will return the kayak to the same spot and lock it back up.

Kayak and Canoe route.

Prices Starts at:


Walter Hill Damn Float

Start:  Walter Hill Dam

End: Mona Boat Ramp

5.5 miles (3- hours approx)

A beautiful stretch of East Fork Stones River offers deeper water & requires paddle. Beautiful rock bluffs and some areas you can kayak/ canoe under the bluffs.

With Normal Water levels this float is great for all ages and beginner floats.

This float is mostly paddle only. We have had all ages do it and enjoy the float, but please do not expect a lazy river vibe you will have to paddle.

When the river rises we often do not cancel but request" EXPERENCED" only. That means the float will be faster than normal and will be swift and dangerous in some areas. So experienced meaning you can handle swimming in swift water after you have been thrown out of your kayak. 

Kayak and Canoe route.

Prices Start at:




Now open 7 days per week from 8am to 6pm

We offer kayak and canoe rentals with shuttle only services.

There will be departures each hour. Pick up times are scheduled upon departure. The last Stones river canoeing and kayaking group goes out at 3PM.

The last pick-up is scheduled at 6PM.

Later pick-up times & special canoe trips are available upon request. .

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Stones River Kayak & Canoe

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